We are a fraternal organization of men and women who work in the property / casualty insurance industry. We are executives, field claims reps, auditors, underwriters, general adjusters, agents, brokers, investigators, contractors, appraisers, medical/rehab professionals, attorneys, engineers, and a host of others. We meet socially, and not as a part of any insurance or industry group. Our mutual link is the career experience we have in our chosen field.

Our formal name is the Honourable Order of The Blue Goose, International. We have local groups, called Ponds, throughout Canada, the United States and Australia. Our Home Nest site is http://bluegoose.org.

The ONTARIO POND, chartered in 1908, has its own unique blend of members and of activities. Our Pond meets monthly in the evenings and on occasion at lunch, September through May. There are fund raisers to generate money for charity. There are social events, golf outings, and day excursions. There are educational speakers from many backgrounds, and get-togethers with insurance industry leaders.

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Most Loyal Gander

Ailie Bikaunieks


Supervisor of the Flock

Debbie Brockway


Guardian of the Pond

John Seyler


Custodian of The Goslings

Jonathan Fischtein


Past Most Loyal Gander/Wielder of the Golden Goose Quill

Laurel DiMaso


Past Most Loyal Gander

Adam Tzarik


Past Most Loyal Gander

Jeremy King


Past Most Loyal Gander

Chris Schmidt


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